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A reliable online source is a great need of this era, as because the number of information seekers proliferates day by day. Word of mouth can no longer be a proper remedy for many questions, especially from the medical and healthcare side. Internet is flooding with a large number of ambiguous information, and many people find their answers and reasons usually out of such descriptions. It’s not easy connecting doctors, health plans, employers, useful tools, quality information, and more to deliver what you need when you need it, so we decided to respond to such societal queries from our profound knowledge and research bases in a better way. We aim to keep scientific facts simple and elaborated, that it should be able to educate a normal person and that’s what makes Ayurliv special. We’re putting ‘the essence of living’ the healthiest life in your hands.

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Ayurliv is a renowned health and wellness website formed by a team of health experts with a great objective to spread credible health information and doable tips to achieve complete wellness. Wellness can be a state of mind that tends you to live the best of your life regardless of whether you have a disease or disorder, it is not only the opposite of illness, even if it is traditionally believed as such. Complete wellness is formed from the combination of mind, body, and spirit. This will be a great voyage through all physical, mental, and lifestyle cores of human life, its a great time to address the ambiguity in medical statements, and you may find many blogs and myth busters here as an aid. Moreover, we are always open up to hear from you. Feelings might be human, faults might also be human, let’s try to make the corrections as well! Contemporary life standards of health must strictly impart some quality time for self-care and community health care, to live without undue fatigue or physical stress. You can foster up all these along with us. 


Our mission is to fill up the voids in a human lifestyle with simple and credible healthcare routines to liberate the real essence of an individual’s living, mostly through verses evolved from our worthy and potentially fruitful researches and experiences.


Our vision is to develop a healthy society free of ambiguous beliefs and knowledge in healthcare and wellness, we adhere to our truthful excavations and real-life experiences to cure the doubtful minds. 

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