Do You Have That Greeny Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizer With A Strong Fragrance

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23 October 2020 6 Minutes

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Adarsh Mohan PhD

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When my friend opened her moisturizer bottle, a strong scent came out of it, surprisingly it wasn’t a cream or a lotion, simply an Aloe vera gel that she used to apply on her face. Anyhow, its greeny and strong perfumy nature implied its artificiality. Even if the bottle's label claims as 100% natural, we can't cheat our senses. Next time, when you shop for the pure aloe vera gel let it be with a perfect idea on that. 


 Aloe vera plant 


Aloe vera plant is grown with the main intention of harvesting its medicinal gel, which has numerous health care properties. They are really easy to grow and are a wonderful home plant that doesn’t need to be sustained in direct sunlight to grow. Among the aloe species, 'Aloe Barbadensis Miller' is known to be the most potent variety.


Natural aloe vera gel


Natural Aloe Vera gel from the plant generally varies in colour, from a clear to a slightly yellowish tint which is sticky in nature and has to be washed off after the application. The original aloe vera latex is odourless and it is a clear pulp from the innermost part of the succulent leaves.


Not recommended


Aloe vera gel with bright green in colour.

Instant cooling effect on the skin.

Using such gels can cause dryness and harm to the skin in the long run


Ready-to-go gels contain


The extracted fresh pulp is blended with glycerin for keeping the hydration and natural stabilisers to make the gel form combined with different water, oil-soluble ingredients. 


Stay clear on the additives, read out the labels before the purchase because everyone may not have aloe plants at their home, hence OTC products work well. Aloe vera is a good moisturizer, balm for aftershave and wax purposes, healer for burns, cuts, and bug bites, etc. The succulent leaves have been used for hydrating, healing, and for many skincare woes in our country for centuries and are still used in many cosmetics as a purgative.

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