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Maskne 425

Masks are here to stay and so is Maskne!

Having an oily and sensitive skin, I was insanely prudent in my skin care and always chose salicylic acid-based gels,...

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Brush Your Hair 425

The best way to rush Blood Flow? Brush your Hair!

What is your initial reflex when you get mildly hit? Yourub the affected spot. Even for severe hits, you might have a...

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Acs Bad For Your Skin And Hair 425

How Does An AC Harm Your Skin?

On a hot, summer day, you come home after a long day outdoors. Even after a d...

Kajal Eye (1)

Is your Kajal Safe? 5 common risks in kajal and solutions

Kajal is a popular cosmetic product used to enhance the beauty of the eyes. H...

10 minutes

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