How Does An AC Harm Your Skin?

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30 October 2020

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On a hot, summer day, you come home after a long day outdoors. Even after a drink of cold water you still feel hot. And then, you switch on the AC. Oh, that feeling! It feels great to have that gushing, cold air in your face, making your body feel cooler again. That feeling is something that cannot be explained. But even though you enjoy the cold air, what you don’t realize is that air conditioning is harmful for your skin and hair. Not only does the AC de moisturize the air, it can also cause damage to your skin and hair, making your customized skincare and haircare useless.

Premature Ageing

It is said that sweating is good for the skin. And it’s true. If you don’t let your body sweat away all the dirt and heat from the body, it will reduce the elasticity of your skin. This in turn can cause wrinkles. Wrinkles are normal for the human body. But, when it occurs prematurely, it is abnormal. Prolonged exposure to air conditioning can cause wrinkles and you too can be a victim of premature ageing.

Heat Intolerance

As humans, all of us have varying levels of heat tolerance. Some of us can survive heat better than the others. There are some people that can tolerate high levels of hotness. However, ACs and its air conditioning can make us intolerant to heat. When people use ACs more than needed, it can reduce their ability to survive in the heat. Gradually they will not be able to tolerate any level of heat.

The effect AC has on your skin

Where some people have sensitive skin, others may have normal and combination skin. No matter what skin you have, AC can have a drastic effect on your skin. While moisturizers can reduce the flakiness and itchiness of the skin, it requires adequate care. Since air conditioning has lower humidity, it can provide the utmost comfort in the summer. But this can also lead to drier skin and affect the epidermis of your skin. Lower humidity can also lead to dehydrated skin. This can lead to reduced production of sweat because of which the toxins remain in the body. It finally becomes in unhealthy, dehydrated skin.

The effect AC has on your hair

Walking into a cool room right from the hot outdoors can be comforting. But in reality, it does more harm than good. Air conditioning can lead to hair fall and frizzy hair. Your hair will become dry and brittle. You’ll see your hair breaking out and even more split ends than usual. Spending all your time indoors and in air conditioning can also create another problem. What’s that you ask? Lack of sunlight. Sunlight gives us Vitamin D which is extremely beneficial for your hair. It can make your hair stronger and shinier. Eventually, the cold air will drastically deteriorate the health of your hair. Always remember, AC makes your hair more prone to damage.

How to reduce the effect

  • Service your AC regularly so that it is technologically perfect and doesn’t have any faults. In that way, you can reduce the drastic impact the AC can have on your skin and hair.
  • Stay hydrated, no matter where you are. Be it cold air or hot air, always drink more than you need. Even if you are not thirsty, drink a sip of water frequently.

While enjoying the cool air from an AC, always keep these friendly reminders in mind. It never hurts to be cautious about your skin and hair. There’s nothing greater than knowing that you have good skin and luscious hair.

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