Masks are here to stay and so is Maskne!

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01 January 2021 6 Minutes

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Adarsh Mohan PhD

Designation :Research Microbiologist

Contributor to the society of Microbiologists. Six years of experience in testing and researching in cosmetic formulations.

Having an oily and sensitive skin, I was insanely prudent in my skin care and always chose salicylic acid-based gels, non-comedogenic cosmetics, deep moisturisers, mild cleansers and sensitive-skin-friendly massagers. My skincare regime was doing exceptionally well when I was shocked to find me failing near the jawlines and cheeks. With shock, I realised what these new acne outbreaks were. They were maskne! Yes, that is the word for the acne and irritation you develop out of wearing a mask!

Oh no, maskne!

Maskne is a skin condition developed due to prolonged wear of facial personal protective equipment. When you wear a mask, it comes in close contact with your facial skin. The edges of the mask passes through your jawline and upper part of the cheek. The problem is initiated when sweat and dirt gets collected at these zones. When the mask’s edges remain in contact with the same spots of your skin for several hours, the pores get clogged. This eventually leads to a maskne outbreak, outlining the points where the mask met your facial skin.

Choose right!

I prefer maskne over Corona!  I hope you are of the same opinion too. Wearing a mask is the need of the hour amidst this life-threatening pandemic. Well, what is in our hands is to minimise the risk of getting a maskne. One easy option is to wear the right kind of masks. Cotton masks are the best in letting your skin breathe, but remember to go for alternate options if the situation demands so. While choosing to wear fitting masks, make sure that it is not too tight on your skin. An extremely tight mask will constantly rub your soft facial skin causing irritation and rashes. After removing the mask, clean your face and pat dry before moisturising. Make sure to never use a disposable mask twice.


Accommodate your skin care regime with mask-specific requirements. Let me share everything I know. You need to deeply moisturize your skin prior to wearing a mask. Feel free to apply extra moisturiser on the lower part of your face, the mask zone! This can aid in reducing the friction between the mask and your facial skin. Go for a less-makeup look to save your facial pores from clogging. Remember that you are wearing a mask anyway! After each use, dump the disposable masks and thoroughly wash the reusable ones. If you are sweating a lot under your mask, use a facial wipe to clean your face and put on a new mask. Make sure to keep your mask away from dust. Never even think of wearing a wet mask. If your maskne is out of your control, consult a dermatologist.


The pandemic already enforced us to adapt to a ‘new normal’. Take it easy and treat your maskne like any other acne. Take all precautions to keep those at bay, yes, prevention is always better than cure. Here, I have shared a whole new list of precautions that worked right for me. Let us all face the pandemic with good health and a happy smile on our maskne-free faces

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