The best way to rush Blood Flow? Brush your Hair!

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25 September 2020 8 Minutes

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What is your initial reflex when you get mildly hit? Yourub the affected spot. Even for severe hits, you might have a tendency to massage the area, but it is highly recommended to not go for it when the injury isserious. Getting back to the mild ones, we know that a proper massage can offer total or partial pain relief. How do you achieve that? When you massage any of your body parts, the blood flow in the area increases. It warms the area and minimises the pain. Basically, increased blood flow can enhance bodily functions by providing enough nutrients. Do you think the same trick can help you increase hair growth? Well, let me help you find out.

Is scalp massages useful?

Healthy hair growth is one apt solution for most of your hair problems. The gentle rubdowns that your scalp receives while brushing hair is effective. Then, imagine how beneficial a scalp massage canbe. When you give your scalp a good massage, blood flow in the area is increased. With more blood comes more nutrients and oxygen, nourishing your hair follicles and contributing to the growth of healthy hair. Yes, scalp massage is a hair growth stimulator.

Even more benefits!

When your scalp is rubbed, brushed or massaged, natural hair oils are released. This sebum produced by your scalp is enough to give proper moisture to your hair follicles. Excess sebum production can have perverse effects. Appropriate amount of sebum on your scalp can moisturise your brittle hairs, preventing it from breaking off. These oils are essential to maintain the pH of your scalp, keeping your cells energetic and preventing it from drying off.

Go for good wood!

When we are up to something, let us do it right! If you have decided to try out hair massages, go for a wooden comb. It helps in the even distribution of natural oils throughout your scalp. If you try recalling your science practical lessons from school days, you might remember rubbing a plastic scale on your hair after which you are able to attract paper bits on your desk. Well this is because, plastic has got a positive electric charge and the paper, negative. While you brush your hair with plastic or metal combs, it might cause static in your hair as your hair too carries negative electric charge. This can make your hair frizzy. Static clubbed with frizz can dry out your hair and make it brittle. Moreover, the frizzy look is sure to disappoint you.

The hot-oil game

We love it when we add an ice cube to our juice! Here is your ice cube, the hot-oil massage. You can make the most out of a scalp massage if you use some hot oil. Take a small glass bowl and pour a few tablespoons of any oil you prefer. Place it inside a saucepan with hot water. Use your finger tips and massage the lukewarm oil directly to your scalp. Doing this twice a week can help you control dandruff, reduce frizz, add shine and to maintain healthy hair!


For healthily beautiful hair, gift your scalp with regular massages.Leave alone your nails and let your fingertips carry out the task. As mentioned earlier, go for a wooden brush for better results. Instead of being disappointed with your hair troubles, make a conscious contribution to your hair growth. The happy news is you can give yourself a scalp massage anytime you want!

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