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Workouts Or Yoga Benefits 425

Workouts or Not, These Occasional Yoga tips Will Help You

There are times when our weighing machine disappoints us. ‘Do something’- it shouts. Then our mind recalls those fail...

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Sweat Stay Young 425

No Anti-ageing Cream Will Help You Like This One Technique To Stay...

Just sit back, relax, and take a deep breath. Breathe in and breathe out. Your body just took in what it needed and l...

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Slimming Burns Fats425

Fat ‘burns’ while we slim down?

We all have tried out several fitness routines. The most dedicated ones stric...

8 Minutes
Keto Diet 425

Will a Keto diet end up being the Kryptonite to your health?

I am sure that all of you would have heard about the keto diet. The keto diet...

10 Minutes

Why Are Pulses So Important In Our Diet?

From a very young age in our lives, we are taught that pulses are really good...

4 Minutes

Dry Fruits that help in Weight Gain

Losing weight is definitely a tedious task as is. Just like that, gaining wei...

6 Minutes
Vegans More Bone Fractures 425

Are Vegans More Prone To Bone Fractures?

Many people believe that going vegan is not a trend, it’s an awakening. As each day passes by, we see more and more p...

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