Dry Fruits that help in Weight Gain

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01 June 2021 6 Minutes

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Dry Fruits that help in Weight Gain

Losing weight is definitely a tedious task as is. Just like that, gaining weight too is an extremely hard and tedious task as well. While everyone is running to lose weight just because they see themselves as obese or on the heavier side, nobody listens to the helpless pleas of skinny people. They are just as body shamed as people who want to lose weight. However, there are many foods that can be eaten to gain weight, all at the comfort of your home.

In the process of gaining weight, there are many foods that can help you reach your goal faster. For instance, there are many dry fruits that are rich in nutrients and are considered superfoods. Other than doing their usual roles of being crunchy and a quick snack, as it possesses a large amount of nutritional capacity, here are some of the dry fruits that will aid in gaining weight.


Raw almonds are one of the best foods to help you increase your weight. Every morning, just take a handful of almonds and gobble them up. If you would like, you can also soak it overnight so that its skin peels off. A handful of almonds has 170 calories, 6 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and 15 grams of healthy fats. So now you see why almonds help you in weight gain.


One of the most famous dry fruits everybody pretty much loves, the pista or pistachio is high in fat and calories. It has earned itself the reputation of a food that causes weight gain. While those looking to lose weight should reduce their pistachio intake, those looking to bulk up can and should increase it.


As everyone knows, walnuts are known to keep your heart in good health. As an added bonus it helps you gain weight as well. A source of good fats and omega-3, walnuts do help you bulk up. In addition, it also has vitamin B and calories. Walnuts help in supporting weight control, may reduce blood pressure, and even makes you more energetic.


Peanuts, just like pistachios are high in fat and calories, so it will obviously help in weight gain. While peanuts are not going to help you gain a lot of weight, it will help you gain muscle mass and control your weight as well. One of the tastiest condiments made by peanuts, the peanut butter will make your experience of gaining weight sweeter and tastier.


There is nothing easier than eating raisins to increase your calorie intake. Filled and bursting with nutrients like copper, manganese, magnesium, and other vitamins, there’s no question on why the raisin is called a superfood. They help you gain some healthy weight and then control it. They taste really delicious and can be teamed up with other foods as well.

These are just some of the dry fruits that can help you in weight gain. While nature showcases a whole array of other foods that can help you bulk up, these fruits have our guarantee!

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