Fat ‘burns’ while we slim down?

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11 December 2020 8 Minutes

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We all have tried out several fitness routines. The most dedicated ones strictly stick to their plans whereas the rest wouldn’t. It takes a nasty remark or teasing from others for the latter to start a proper workout plan that is often short-lived. We all are aware that a workout routine clubbed with a balanced diet can help you lose weight, but hey, where does this fat go? When your stomach flattens and your beauty bones show up, where did that extra fat disappear? There are people who believe that this fat ‘burns’ into energy and heat. Is it true? Skim through the rest and find out.

Facts on your fat

It is a fact that our body needs fats. Basically, fats are the excess energy reserves of our body. It plays a major role in our body’s structural and metabolic functions. If you try to recall some of the Chemistry lessons from our school, you might have noticed that most of the fatty formulas consist of C, O and H. This is because fats are compounds formed from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. When our bodily systems break fat down, a fifth of it forms water and the rest, carbon dioxide. Bodily fluids like urine, faeces, sweat, breath and tears expel the water formed. Now, what about carbon dioxide?

Breathing out fat!

Our lungs are the primary excretory organ for unwanted fat. It is our lungs that expels the carbon dioxide formed out of fat metabolism. Our body expels nearly 85% fat by breathing out carbon molecules. For an efficient fat metabolism, the oxygen inhaled must weigh three times more than the fat to be burned. Here is where you can help your hardworking lungs. Breathe some fresh air. Do some workouts. When the supply of oxygen increases, this additional oxygen helps our body expel extra fats.

Carbohydrates & Diet plans

If exhaling fats was such a cakewalk, why aren’t we all losing weight? Well, simple exhalation would only emit out a very small portion of the carbon molecules. It is important to keep your carbon intake less than those being emitted. Carbohydrates consist of carbon and hydrogen molecules. For breaking down 10 kg of human fat, 29 kg of oxygen must be inhaled. This process produces 28 kg of carbon dioxide and 11 kg of water. The golden ticket to a weight loss journey is to intake less carbon and expel more of it.  


Lose fat to lose weight

To achieve your weight loss goal, the carbon stored in your fat cells must be efficaciously unlocked and released. This is where the role of workouts becomes important. The initial task is to boost your fat metabolism with proper exercise. Even a brisk walk goes a long way by boosting your metabolism rate even by five times! Then comes the need to expel the broken down fats. It is basically finding a balance between your intakes and expulsion. This is why fitness experts suggest appropriate meal plans to be carried out along with your workouts. Yes, the magic lies in stabilising calories consumed and calories lost.


Yes, our body is capable of breathing out fats. To efficiently carry out the process, help your body with a balanced diet and a workout routine. Promise yourselves to create a balance between what you eat and what you burn off and exhale. Make sure to get a peaceful eight-hour sleep too. Moreover, breathe some fresh air. Now you know fat facts, now it’s time to burn the excess out!


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