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13 November 2020 10 minutes

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There are times when our weighing machine disappoints us. ‘Do something’- it shouts. Then our mind recalls those failed workout plans and wasted gym memberships. This prompts us to be on the lookout for cost-effective workout plans to finally end up with free or paid online tutorials. Among several options, yoga seems the most desired. Reason? To practice yoga, all we need is a mat! Prior to starting our yoga routine, an inevitable question makes an uninvited entry. Is this occasional yoga practice of any use? Well, let us find out.

It’s Time for a Chill Pill

You needn’t be a Yogi or Yogini for acquiring the benefits of yoga. If you try a yoga pose out of the blue, that is of help too. Even a single practice of meditation can calm your nerves and save your day. Yoga is not mere stretching, it is an act of discovering our body’s potential strength.

1. Instantly Beneficial Asanas: Yoga comes with a package of meditation, stretches, and asanas. Let me introduce you to a few asanas that offer immediate advantages.

2. Kapalabhati Pranayama: Literally, this asana stands for a shining forehead’ (Kapal- forehead, Bhati- shining). This asana recommends short and strong forceful exhalations and inhalations. It helps you improve digestion, lung capacity, concentration, and memory along with aiding you in weight loss.

2. Halasana: A Yogi practicing Halasana will resemble the basic shape of a plough, hence the name that means ‘Plough pose’. The extreme stretch of the asana strengthens the spine, shoulder, and abdomen. It also relaxes muscles, boosts blood circulation, increases flexibility, improves digestive health, and calms your brain.

3. Ushtrasana: Ushtrasana is regarded as ‘Camel pose’. This asana known for its cardiovascular benefits helps you stretch the chest muscles, balance your weight, and lower blood pressure. Along with numerous physiological benefits, it offers psychological reliefs like boosting your self-confidence.

3. Bhastrika Pranayama: If you feel that your body needs more oxygen, go for this asana. This breathing technique helps in brain oxygenation. Along with energizing your body and mind, this asana helps you improve your lung capacity and saves you from respiratory ailments.

5. Vajrasana: Here is that easy asana for all your tummy troubles. Vajrasanaaids digestion and helps relieve you from nerve issues. This yoga posture increases the blood flow in your pelvic area and stomach making the bowel movements and digestion efficient. It also strengthens your muscles and sexual organs.

6. Pawanamuktasana: Pawanamuktasana is literally and otherwise the wind relieving pose’. It saves you from constipation and gas trouble while strengthening your spine and abdominal muscles. The stretchy pose helps you in toning the muscles of your arms and legs.

7. AnulomVilom Pranayama: If you are stressed, try AnulomVilom Pranayama for instant relief. This alternate nostril breathing practice helps you gain several physical and psychological benefits. It improves lung capacity, boosts the intake of oxygen, and has an instantly calming effect.

8. Precautions: Be aware of basic yoga rules and practice them right. For instance, several yoga poses are to be performed either 4-6 hours prior to or after your meals. Learn the basics and grab the freedom to do it whenever you prefer. During the practice, try focussing on simple things rather than the end goal.

9. After the practice: It is desirable to end each yoga session with 10 minutes of Shavasana- the napping asana. Let your mind be free of tensions. Take care to spare 30 minutes for the sweat to dry before taking a shower. Rehydrate your body with plain water or coconut water. Better not drink alcohol soon after your Yoga practice. Let a nutritious meal follow your session after an hour.

10. The Yoga feel: Let yoga be a time you spend with the inner you. Feel your breath, release your emotions, and enjoy the peaceful moment. Amidst your busiest schedules, let yoga remind you to pace yourself and love your mind and body.


Yoga is not a religion, but a soulful practice that paves your way towards mindfulness. It helps you expand your mind, nurture your body, and elevate your soul. Each act of Yoga can help your body in some way. Thus be relieved that you don’t need a Yogi-tag to benefit from yoga.

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