Are Vegans More Prone To Bone Fractures?

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28 August 2020 8 Minutes

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Many people believe that going vegan is not a trend, it’s an awakening. As each day passes by, we see more and more people going vegan, saving the environment and its animals in their own way. When some people see veganism as a lifestyle, others see it as a part of life. But, what many of them don’t realize is that being vegan makes your bone brittle and makes you more prone to bone fractures. Read on to know more about how being a vegan alters the bones of your body.

When you don’t have the needed calcium and proteins in your body, you can be sure that your body will take a toll on you. The major source of calcium is milk. Of course, when you are a vegan, consuming milk is a big no-no. I think you would have understood by now that fish, which is the main source of protein will not be eaten as well. With the primary sources gone, the secondary sources are not going to do you much good. Moreover, if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is less than what is needed, it's going to be double-trouble for you.

If your body doesn’t get enough calcium and Vitamin D from the food that it gets, it is going to take the calcium that is readily available in your bones. This is known as losing bone mass. Losing bone mass makes your bones weak and porous.

 How do I maintain Bone Strength?

Strong bones=Strong body. If your body is home to strong and healthy bones, then you are in for a treat. These bones are so strong that it will keep up and awake. Imagine an exhausting day at work where you’re tired to the core. But you won’t have to give up. Know why? The magic power of bones so strong, that it will never allow you to feel tired!

Then… What’s the Best Diet to Follow?

After reading all this, you would be wondering, if I am a vegan, where am I going to get my calcium from? Well, worry not because I have the answer right here!

Being a vegan does not refrain you from incorporating calcium into your diet. There are many substitutes for milk and dairy products that can be used to infuse calcium. These include fortified soya beans or chunks, rice, oats and oats drinks, calcium-set tofu, etc., to name a few.

No matter if you’re 18 or 80, you can be a vegan. Veganism is a pure thought that counts. Meant for the strong-hearted people, you become a vegan-only if you can continue to be one. If you are a vegan who feels there are very little calcium and protein in your diet, just try to incorporate more of it. There will be several substitutes that you can happily consume without feeling guilty that you might be breaking your diet. So, being vegan does not mean your bones have to brittle and prone to fractures. It can also mean that you just need more protein and calcium in your diet!


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