Keep A Safe Distance From Your Work Stresses And Don’t Take Over

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30 October 2020 6 Minutes

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Dr. Susan John

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A little work stress is necessary to keep you aware of the goals and stay alert, it may also prevent you from committing huge mistakes in the workplace. But if it starts to take over, then you should keep a safe distance. Because prolonged work stress can damage your mental health in a serious way. It doesn’t alone affect you, moreover, it affects your relations, social interactions, and personal goals! Everything can be collapsed.


Physical signs of stress


  • chest pain or a pounding heart
  • fatigue
  • reduced interest in sex
  • nausea, diarrhoea, or constipation
  • getting colds more often
  • muscle tension, pains, and headaches
  • episodes of fast, shallow breathing and excessive sweating
  • loss or change of appetite
  • sleeping problems


Working long hours without break, taking work home, time and target pressures, etc can be a reason for work stress.


Identify the flaws


Pick out the pea under the mattress, Identifying the underlying causes can always be a better primary step. Share your thoughts and worries with any of your close colleagues or dear ones, it might be soothing to a great extent because pacifying interactions can work wonders. Never expect to get the optimum levels all the time, expect the ups and downs, and do necessary action to cover the extra mile.




Maintaining your physical health can play a finer role, good nutrition and exercise will make you more resilient to stress. Don’t try to plan an upside-down for your daily routines, begin the remedies from little things around, and inspect the changes yourself. Never skimp on sleep, strive to follow a distinct sleeping pattern, turn off the screen one hour before sleep, and also avoid reviving stressful situations before bedtime, instead plug-in your favourite music to your ears.

Feeling bored with how you work can cause a high level of stress and it will take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. More work stress makes you less productive, so you can choose it wisely to stress or to relieve!


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