Will Too Much Water Make You Obese?

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04 December 2020 8 Minutes

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On your hunt for beauty and fitness tips, you might have met with the ‘stay hydrated’ mantra at least a dozen times. Following this mantra is undeniably beneficial, but do you think more water can give you more beauty? If you aren’t thirsty, is there a need to drink water?  It is a well-acknowledged fact that our body needs a lot of water. It is also important to not intake more than the necessary amount. You definitely don’t need a water-balloon-like tummy and an obese body. Well then, how to find a balance? Read further and find out.

When water weighs you down!

The water in your body accounts for about 50-60 percent of your body weight. Each and every cellular process in your body needs a sufficient amount of water. Whenever you are dehydrated, these functions run less efficiently and obstruct your body’s metabolism. Hence, it is very important to drink the appropriate amount of water. Excess water contributes to ‘water weight’. This is the weight gained due to unwanted water content in your body. I have come across people who drink water before meals to minimize their appetites so as to reduce food intake. Moderation is always fine, but if you cross the line, it can hamper your body’s nutrient absorption. Also, this excess water can gain you more weight, thereby hindering your weight loss goals.

Whatt err?

It is no doubt that your body needs water. It is very important to intake the right amount in the right way. We all must have come across the saying, ‘drink at least eight glasses of water a day’. Often, you tend to forget it and whenever you are reminded of it, you might drink multiple glasses of liquids at once to balance the 8-glass rule. Trust me, this is a big mistake. Make sure to intake water by sipping in small quantities from time to time. If you attempt drinking too much water too fast, the sodium levels in your blood might drop too low, leading to a severe condition called hyponatremia.


 A gentle reminder that you need to control only the excess intakes of water and not the whole ‘drink water’ regimen of yours. You aren’t a Kangaroo rat that doesn’t need water at all! Even this species of rat gets the moisture it needs from the seeds it eats. You need to stay hydrated and if you already are, stop yourself from drinking more water. The takeaway is simple; just drink right!

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