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Sumit Bedi
02 October 2020 8 Minutes

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Sumit Bedi

“Never sleep with your head facing north”- You must have heard this at least once in your life. It is likely that our skeptic minds indexed it under the long list of superstitions. Congrats for having a rational mind, but wait, let us dig into find if it has got any logical backup.


Earth’s Magnetic Field

Our science lessons at school have taught us that electric current when passed through a coil produces a magnetic field. Similarly, the mixture of molten iron and nickel at Earth’s outer core generates electric currents that in turn develops a magnetic field. To put it in simple words, it’s like a giant magnetic bar placed at the center of the earth, one side facing North and the other South. It is scientifically proven that our planet has got a magnetic field. Interestingly, the life and habits of various organisms like whales, birds, bees, and turtles are dependent on this magnetic field.  


Magnetic poles

‘Like poles repel’ and ‘opposite poles attract’. It means that the opposite poles of two magnets attract each other, while the like poles exhibit repulsion. It’s funny how some people use these facts while commenting on compatibility and romance. Apologies, dear Science. Well, as per VastuShastra our body too has a North and South Pole, our head being the former and our feet, the latter. Thus, when we choose to sleep facing the North, our body will experience a magnetic repulsion, because of the two North poles repelling each other.


Benefits of sleeping right

The Vishnu Purana says that it’s beneficial to lie with the head facing east or south. It is believed that sleeping towards the east will boost your memory, increase concentration, maintain a shorter Rapid Eye Movement (REM), and promote meditative sleep which in total keep you in good health. VastuShastra practitioners believe that sleeping with your head towards the south will reduce the risk of high blood pressure. It isn’t a big deal to give your sleeping position a slight shift. Give it a try and find yourself growing more powerful and energized.



As per VastuShastra, the North-facing sleeping position is likely to disturb your blood circulation, cause stress, illness, and other health issues. In the long run this might lead to emotional instability, diminished will power, frustration and physical ailments.



Make sure that you are not facing north while sleeping. If you are not aware of the directions, browse ‘compass’ on your phone and find it out. While sleeping, let your head face east or south. This lets the energy generated by the magnetic field make an entry through your head and exit through your feet. Wake up every day with energy and vigour.



It is true that believing in myths and superstitions is unwise. It is also important to carry out an extensive research before you tag certain information as ‘myths’. Stay curious, and search for the ‘science’ behind everything. In addition, don’t forget that many of your grandma’s advice aren’t really myths, but science packed in a superstitious wrap.

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