Does Shampooing Your Hair Every Day Cause Hair Loss?

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12 June 2021 3 Minutes

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How many times have you heard that shampooing your hair every day is bad for it and causes hair loss? You've probably heard from a friend or read somewhere on the internet that washing your hair every day is a bad idea. Some even have scientific-sounding evidence that is completely fake! Let's go ahead and find out the truth.

Shampoos are similar to the soaps we use on our skin. The scalp, like our skin, secretes an oil called sebum, and an excess of sebum on the scalp generates a breeding habitat for the yeast that causes dandruff. The truth is that using the proper shampoo on a daily basis does not result in hair loss. Doctors recommend cleansing the scalp and hair daily with a shampoo containing a mild cleanser because it is beneficial to your hair and scalp. If you are confused about which shampoo to use, please seek professional advice and the get appropriate product.

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