Eating less amount of food will help you to shrink your stomach!

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16 December 2020 6 Minutes

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A lot of people still believes that by eating less they can shrink their stomach! People  with a big belly is often symbolised as an example of over eating, but once you become an adult your stomach also remains pretty much the same size, therefore the stomach size can only be resized through medical surgery, though the belly fat can be reduced gradually by controlling your food portions. In case, if you drastically cut down on calories, it may end up with low energy and blood pressure, which further leads to fatigue and weakness. Because when you starve hardly, more hunger hormones will be induced in larger quantity and such hormones can increase your food cravings with greater power. The production of the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’ signals your brain to eat more. This increased appetite can reverse the expected result! 


In fact : An empty stomach is about 12 inches long by 6 inches across at its widest point. If you are an adult, then your stomach can expand to hold about 1 quart of food in it. Stomach stretch to accommodate the food you consume, but it doesn’t stay that way or stretch out. It simply goes back to its previous size once it digests your food. Normally our stomach is constantly expanding and shrinking to accommodate your food.


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