People Use Only 10 Percentage Of Their Brain

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Sumit Bedi
17 September 2020 3 Minutes

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Sumit Bedi

This myth has been revolving for nearly a century, most commonly the claim chalk up to Albert Einstein and is a false statement which is often advocated by motivational speakers and influencers, to be frank many of us may also believe this at least for a once! This particular statement can create a comparison between an individual’s potential with that of a great scientist like Albert Einstein, is that actually motivation or desperation?! 



The actual working of the human brain still remains as the greatest and unsolved mystery of biology! brain is a difficult organ to study, Imaging the whole brain is a herculean task, mainly because our brain is deadly opaque and is wrapped in several layers of fat and other compounds that can block the light! If the brain functions are observed directly to inspect the performance of multiple neural circuits, then only we could get a clearer picture. Anyhow numerous brain image study has already shown that there is actually no area of the brain which is completely silent or inactive.

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