Sneezing With Eyes Open Will Pop It Out!

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Dr. Sreevidya M View Bio
23 June 2021

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Dr. Sreevidya M

Designation :BAMS Physician

A physician in general medicine with more than 5 years of clinical experience to her credit.

Several times in your life, you might have heard your parents telling you to sneeze with your eyes closed. However, is it true that if you sneeze with your eyes open you can pop it out? Let’s debunk some myths now!

Several doctors say that it is completely possible to sneeze with your eyes open. It is just that while you sneeze, you close your eyes like a “reflex.” Both your eyes and your nose are linked by cranial nerves. So, the stimulation from the sneeze travels through the nerves into the brain, then through another nerve to the eyelids. For many people, this can trigger them to close their eyes when they sneeze. Now that you have understood this, this is nothing more than a myth!

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