The perfect cure for sleep disorders are sleeping pills.

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02 December 2020 6 Minutes

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Sleeping tablets are usually referred to as benzodiazepines or Z drugs. There is only limited evidence for the efficacy of sleeping pills in young people, even the researches on the effects of sleeping pills with adults have also shown less effective over time. Using sleeping pills as a remedy for sleep problems isn’t good because the issues will return back once you stop taking pills. Another limitation is that they do not address the underlying cause of sleep loss. Since there is no evidence for the safety and effectiveness of melatonin in young people, it should not be used without consultation with a sleep specialist. Pills taken without the prescription of an expert will make more problems in a long run.


Sleeping pills actually works by making the brain drowsy, they aren’t targeted to promote a good sleep, but can make one feel sleepy, Just like how some anti anxiety medicines cause drowsiness! Electrical signal created through medications cannot be compared with that of the feeling of a normal sleep. In time the usual dose has no effect, then need a higher dose for it to work and if the higher dose does not work and you need an even higher dose, and so on. These medications can only give relief to the people who have trouble falling asleep.

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