Do You Actually Play A Role In Making The ‘Perfect Baby’?

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20 November 2020 8 Minutes

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For preparing a glass of lemonade, you squeeze a lemon, pour some water, and add sugar to taste. Yay! Your lemonade is ready. Replace sugar with salt, you get a salty lemonade, or try mixing some soda to it, you get lime-soda. Basically, what you input has a huge result on the end product. Do you think it works the same with human babies? Will it work if you input certain living conditions, memory games, and certain lifestyles and expect your baby to be a super baby or in other words, a baby with great mental development, high IQ level, and cognitive abilities?  

The role of genes

Researchers believe that 60 percent of temperament is hereditary. The genetic makeup of a baby is immensely responsible for its mental development, IQ level, memory skills, and demeanor. This is why you can sit back relaxed! Even the baby’s eye color, height, hair texture, and several other factors are dependent on the genes of its parents. Interestingly, the child’s interaction with his/her environment can also have a huge influence on the expression of genes. That is, ecological factors can affect several traits like height and hair texture. In total, it is a combination of nature and nurture.


Parental influences

While you can’t control what your child inherits from your genes, you can attempt influencing their acquired traits. This is where the lifestyle of parents, peer pressure, and other factors take a significant role. While attempting to influence your child’s acquired traits, it is very important to stop spoon-feeding your baby on everything. For instance, try describing objects with words before limiting your kid’s imagination with a photo or a video of the same. Treat your toddler like a unique person with his/her own likes and dislikes, opinion, and decisions. Your baby is an individual, not an amateur.

Keep it Simple

Babies are bundles of cuteness and joy. All that your baby needs is human interaction and some colorful toys to play with. Sit along with them while they play, draw, or crawl. There is no particular formula with which you can boost your baby’s abilities. Let them draw hills, sun, trees, and birds in the way they like. It doesn’t matter if it is incomplete or haphazard. Appreciate your kid for taking the effort. You don’t need a catalogue or a list of dos and don’ts while you are with your little human. Just enjoy your parenthood and spend happy moments with your child.


Shower your baby with love, care, and freedom to grow on their own. Your toddler deserves a happy home, appropriate socialization, and also individuality of his/her own. The best way to nurture your babies is to facilitate them with a peaceful environment and to step out of their natural ways of growing up. A relaxed and happy atmosphere lets your baby pick up good vibes. Nurture their talents and cultivate good habits. Remind yourself that happy babies are the super babies.


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