How Is ‘School From Home’ Affecting Children?

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03 May 2021 8 Minutes

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How Is ‘School From Home’ Affecting Children?

Going to school has always been an experience for children. Waking up in the morning, getting dressed, and rushing off to school with just a bite of breakfast. Ah. Those were the days. Today, children are attending online school. They wake up 10 minutes before class, brush their teeth, and switch on their laptops. They may or may not switch on their video and take a small nap. Although in the beginning it seemed like, this might work out, now it doesn’t seem that way any longer. It seems like all that has changed.

Some parents had said during the advent of online classes that they can watch their child’s performance in their classes, without disturbing them. They also said that online classes were a much-needed break for children and their mothers from their rigorous routines. Parents have shared their experiences as well. Many parents got an insight into how their children answer questions, talk to their teachers, attempt exams, etc.

Looking at it from a psychological way, it seems that children too are at-ease with this new form of learning. Although they cannot meet their friends and enjoy with them, online classes appear to be easier for them. As far as little children are concerned, they seem to be having the time of their lives. They either have to attend live classes or listen to recorded sessions. They get ample time to play and have fun. And, as an added bonus, they do not have to do as much work as they used to do when school was in session. However, this is not the situation younger children are going through.

After a year of online classes, how is affecting them physically, mentally, and emotionally? Are they coping well with it? What are they going through? It looks like while many schools did a good job of transitioning from online to offline with supportive faculty and other methods, some schools are still struggling with the transition. Instead of seeing this as a ‘gap year’, schools have indeed made some learning opportunities. Teachers are still finding to keep students interested and encouraged. But, what do students have to say about it?

Although it looks like children get extra time to spend with their family and spend more time on extra-curricular activities, they don’t look like they are enjoying themselves. First of all, they can’t meet their friends. Not getting to talk to other people of their age and hanging out with them can make children cranky, irritable, angry, and what not. Keeping children interested is not an easy task. Since the pandemic is still looming over all our heads, its not like parents can take their children out or to play. They have to stay cooped up at home and make do with whatever they can do at home. That necessarily doesn’t have the best effect on children. Some children, especially teenagers found it really hard to stay at home without connecting with their friends. For them, online school felt more like a punishment rather than a reward. While some felt suicidal, the others quickly slipped into depression and anxiety. Without proper parent intervention, this can cause great harm to the children.

While the online classes may be seen as a boon by many, several children regard it to be the some of the hardest times they have faced in their life. More than thinking about whether its good for your children or not, think if this is what your children want. Take extra care in learning about your children’s needs and their feeling. Ensure that you know if your child is facing some problems or any troubles that seem to affecting them negatively. Following such measures will help you in managing your children and their problems.

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