What Parenting Style do you follow?

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23 March 2021 5 Minutes

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What Parenting Style do you follow?

Having grown up in Indian households, we sure would have come across various parenting styles. From parents who are extremely strict to parents who are supportive, no matter what you do. We sure have seen many parents of various characters and personalities. You must be now wondering what type of parents you are or your parent are. So, are your parents authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, or uninvolved? Let’s find out.

  1. Authoritative parents

These parents want their child to succeed and meet all their expectations. Having said this, they also give their children all the resources and support that they will need to achieve their goals. A child of such parents will provide their children with love and warmth and also scold and discipline them when it’s needed. Authoritative parents are flexible. They adapt and evolve their parenting style according to their child’s needs, their environment, surroundings etc. some of their noticeable traits are:

  • Providing their children with a safe space
  • Allowing their children to express their opinion
  • Disciplining their children when it’s needed
  • Listening to their children
  • Placing limits at the same time, fostering independence


  1. Authoritarian parents

Such parents have high demands from their children but they themselves will be unresponsive. If the expectations they have are not met, they will give very little feedback and go on to punish the children harshly. The most common punishments are yelling and corporal punishment. They rely heavily on the orders they give and are ‘status-oriented’. The most controlling parenting style, authoritative parents tend to be demanding and punishing. They want their children to obey whatever they are told to. They do not shower their children with love or warmth. They are also impatient and can’t tolerate even the tiniest of mistakes. The children of such parents tend to be:

  • Low in self-esteem
  • Display aggressive behavior in public
  • Act fearful or shy around others
  • Associate success and achievement the only way to attain love


  1. Permissive parents

Here, the parents see their children as equals and not as children. They are easy-going, do not give their children many responsibilities, and allow them to make majority of their choices. They are not interested in setting any limits and believe that their children are who they shape themselves to be. They are emotionally supportive and responsive with their wards. Unlike the above-mentioned parenting styles, permissive parents are not demanding and let their children be. However, the negative aspects of this parenting style are:

  • The children may turn out to be aggressive, impulsive, and lack independence
  • They may not conform to any societal norms as well
  • While the children may have high self-esteem, they can also turn out to be demanding and selfish
  • They start believing that nobody can make decisions for them


  1. Uninvolved parents

Also known as neglected parenting, the parents do not care for the children’s needs beyond the basics like food, shelter, clothing etc. More often than usual, children have to fend for themselves as parents end up not caring for them. Most of the time, the parents are overworked or stressed. The children end up taking all decision for themselves and become independent in life earlier than usual. Signs of an uninvolved parent include:

  • Lack of emotional attachment
  • Not having time for their children
  • Lack of interest in their kids’ activities
  • No demands or expectations from them

So, which type of parent are you?

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