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Kajal Eye (1)

Is your Kajal Safe? 5 common risks in kajal and solutions

Kajal is a popular cosmetic product used to enhance the beauty of the eyes. However, its use can also lead to some se...

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E1 425

High-Fat Foods Are Always Unhealthy

What all thoughts have reeled up in your mind recently after reading the topic? Are you still reluctant to consume hi...

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Mental Happiness And Peace 425

Why Is Mental Health Important For Happiness?

This is the 21st century. We would think that people are progressive and unde...

6 Minutes
Toxic Positivity Hiding Emotions Risks 425

Immersing True Feelings Under a Fake Smile May Seem Easier! - Reali...

There is a dark side to the whole ‘positivity culture’ that we can see nowada...

8 Minutes

Daily Stress Can Suppress Your Immune System

Why is stress so difficult for our immune system? People generally say, "Give...

8 Minutes

Good Sex Education Plays A Big Role

Sex education provides people with the knowledge, skills, and motivation they...

5 Minutes

Sex And Mental Health

A modern approach to sex and mental health is also being ushered in by the sex and body positivity movement, greater...


Does Shampooing Your Hair Every Day Cause Hair Loss?

How many times have you heard that shampooing your hair every day is bad for it and causes hair loss? You've probably...

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